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Top 3 Selfie spots Hotel Roemer

30 march 2018

‘’Excuse me… can you take my selfie?’'

Yes, we all know those tourists with their selfie sticks on Dam Square… but where are the best selfie spots? We share our top 3!


Wall Galary

This is definitely one of the best selfie spots of Amsterdam… How would you pose?
Where? Frans Halsstraat 64




I AMSTERDAM at Olympic Stadium

Away from the crowd at the Rijksmuseum… These I AMSTERDAM letters at the Olympic Stadium are waiting for you!
Where? Olympic stadium Amsterdam



REM eiland

Take a selfie from the Rooftop bar of REM eiland. It gives you a beautiful view of Amsterdam and you can grab a delicious bite!
Where? Haparandadam 45-2

Fun Fact! #Amsterdam was #17 on the ranking of Instagram in 2017!


Dare to pose with this man? #roemerhasit

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