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Kingsday 2017

12 april 2017

What to do on King’s day in Amsterdam? Our 10 Tips! 

Before you know, a year has passed and King’s Day is knocking on the door of the Dutch. And where to better experience this happening on April 27th than in Amsterdam! On days like these Amsterdam has something for everyone and caters for all tastes: street markets, festivals, the ‘King games’, recreation, and much more. We understand that you can feel overwhelmed by the many activities and festivities that Amsterdam has to offer on King’s Day. That is why we want to help you out with the questions “what to do on King’s Day in Amsterdam?”. By means of the tips in the next categories we take you by the hand to make your King’s Day an event to remember:
• Street markets
• Parties and festivals
• Canals
• For the kids
• Practical tips

Street markets

Tip 1: Want to sell stuff? Be on time!
Although the majority of the Amsterdam street markets during King’sDay starts around 9 AM, claiming your spot starts very early in the morning. Real sellers are up at 6 AM to grab the best spot and secure them with tape or chalk. At some places you can actually see taped off pavements two weeks before. So make sure you are on time when you are planning to sell your old stuff on King’s Day!

Tip 2: Know where you are allowed to sell
In principle you are allowed to set up your shop almost everywhere in Amsterdam during King’s Day. Main conditions is you do not block the entrances from shops and houses and the crowds in the city should not be hindered. There are also some locations which are reserved for kids only. There is a handy list with locations of kids street markets and places where you are not allowed to sell.

Tip 3: Visit the Vondelpark
This is the place-to-be for the street market visitor on King’s Day. The park has been reserved completely for kids wanting to earn an extra bit of pocket money and who are selling their old clothes, toys, books, etc. There are also many talented kids who are playing their instrument, or who are trying to get rich while sleeping.

Festivals & parties

Tip 4: All you want for the festival lover!
Do you like a dance, house or techno party, or maybe even a mix of all three? Then you definitely need to be in Amsterdam during King’s Day. At different locations in and around the capital of The Netherlands you will find the hottest festivals. You can go wild at the Olympic Stadion at the Nassau festival for example. Also no shortage of main acts during King’s Day. For instance Tiësto and Martin Garrix will be headlining the Kingsland Festival at the RAI. I Amsterdam has made a list of the official King’s Day parties.

Tip 5: Out of money? Visit one of the free festivals!
Parties on King’s Day in Amsterdam are not only for the ones that are willing to pay 10-50 Euro for a festival ticket. In fact, for most of the parties there is no entrance fee. For everyone who wants to have a party, and is not in direct need of a headliner, Amsterdam offers many possibilities. You can, for instance, visit Terug naar Toen, Koningsdag | Vrijhaven, Hannekes Kroon or Day of the K. So, even when you are out of money, Amsterdam is the place to be on King’s Day!

The Amsterdam canals

Tip 6: King’s Day on the water
You have probably seen the photos: the canals of Amsterdam are orange by the partying crowds on boats and barges. Once in your lifetime you have to do this, because it is a completely different experience than doing a canal tour on a ‘normal’ day. Are you going to try to navigate the canals on King’s Day? Make sure you know about the shipping lanes and the extra measures that are applicable this day. The VaarWater app from Waternet can tell you more about the canals on King’s Day.

Tip 7: King’s Day on the water without your own boat
You do not have a boat? No problem! Also when you do not have a boat it is possible to party on the canals. Especially for groups there are several companies, like KINBoat, with great King’s Day specials.

An additional benefit of not having your own boat: you don’t have to worry about the special rules and regulations for sailing on King’s Day in Amsterdam and the shipping lanes, and you can just enjoy the parties all around you.

For the kids

Tip 8: More than enough to do and see for the little ones!
King’s Day in Amsterdam is for everyone, even the kids. As said before, the Vondelpark is the ideal spot for the kids, but Amsterdam has more to offer them. At several locations downtown and other parts of Amsterdam there are sports, games and face painting. I Amsterdam has made a list with the locations.

Practical tips

Tip 9: What you have to know about transport
Kings Day is one of the busiest days of the year in Amsterdam. To give room to pedestrians, the routes for public transport are adapted. Most trams, busses and taxis are not driving in the center of the city. So if you need or want to travel in the city, the best way is by foot. If you need to reach Amsterdam from outside the city, it is best to take a train. Take into account that most trains will be very full and stations are busy. Going to Amsterdam by car is an absolute don’t, as there is a great chance on traffic jams and there are very limited places to park on days like these.

Tip 10: Locations and times
So, where do you need to be on King’s Day in Amsterdam? Depending on what tickles your fancy, there are activities, festivities, parties and festivals all through town. The City of Amsterdam has made a King’s Day Map, where you can see what is happening and where you need to be. Regarding the time, most bars and terraces open at 9 AM, just like most street markets. At 8 PM most street markets and free parties are finished. The festivals are all starting around 12 Noon and will continue into the early hours.


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